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Cooperate to compete


At Acofarma, throughout all our activities, it has always been very clear to us that our interests are our customer’s interests. The fact that these two interests coincide is due not only to commercial policy, but to the fact that the owners of Acofarma are also its own customers: pharmacists. 


Acofarma was born when several pharmacy office cooperatives joined together to create a second degree cooperative, or a cooperative of cooperatives. For this reason, it’s easy to see how we have never lost sight of the cooperative spirit and its functional ways. In addition, we have always ensured that our pharmacy branches offer the best services under the very best conditions. A good example of this service is the sale of chemical products for compounding formulas, an express demand from pharmacists and a practice that is the very essence of their profession.


By experiencing the pharmaceutical profession first hand, Acofarma has been able to launch distinctive and innovative initiatives that respond to the needs of the profession, such as the Acofar Revista magazine or Bancofar, a bank for pharmacists. In particular, it has created its own line of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products under the pharmacy’s brand Acofar. This first hand knowledge of pharmacy branches has enabled us to provide over 1,000 over the counter pharmaceutical product references.


All of this explains the leadership Acofarma has gained in the pharmacy distribution brand market (according to Dec 2015 IMS TAM data: 49.8 % of market share). If we focus on specific categories, the situation is even clearer: Acofarderm is the market leader with 23% of market share in gels, and it holds second place for pregnancy test sales and third for gauze, disinfectant and thermometer units.


There are five characteristics that make Acofar the brand of pharmacies and pharmacists:

  • Exclusivity: the Acofar brand is exclusive to pharmacies.
  • Pharmaceutical quality assurance: our products are conceived by professionals who know pharmacists exact needs.
  • Competitive price: compared to both industry brands and those offered though other channels.
  • Service: because it functions as a cooperative, Acofarma is always up to date on what pharmacists need and thus offers constantly updated service.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility: Acofarma is committed to respecting and conserving our environment and to improving people’s quality of life.



Welcome to the cooperative family.

Welcome to the home of pharmacists.

Welcome to our pharmacy brand.


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