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(Registered offices)

(José Mª Morera Segalà Factory)


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c/Capitán Haya, 56 2ºE 
28020 Madrid

Tel: 914 353 882

Acofar magazine offices
Member cooperative support centre

Tel:+34 937 360 088(raw materials)
Tel: +34 937 360 088(ext. 232 over-the-counter pharmaceuticals)

Over 7,500m2 of floor space in a two-storey main building.

  • General warehouse.
  • Marketing department.
  • Administration offices.
  • Analysis and control laboratory, to monitor the quality of raw materials for processing custom pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, diet products or medicinal plants.
  • Quality guarantee
  • Production area with white rooms for handling raw materials and pharmaceuticals. Facilities designed according to GMP principles, with environment and particle control, differential pressures and specific clothing. Cabinets for nitrogen atmosphere packaging, cabinet for packaging vapour-generating products, biosafety cabinets for packaging hormones, immunosuppressants and antibiotics.
  • An area specifically for sampling pharmaceutical raw materials in line with GMP principles.


Customer service
902 36 22 03
Mad 914 353 882
Bcn  937 360 088
Customer Service    

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